A Peaceful Soak

Warm fragrant water swirling around my ears.  Slipping into a place where weight is literally lifted in the buoyancy.   

           Jets are nice, but I find they can be a little tedious.  I like the quiet.  Listening to the waves in my own little paradise.  Hearing the water move and lap against the side.
          The key is a deep vessel and a lot of hot water.  Lavender baby oil and Warm Vanilla Sugar bubble bath are comforting, another layer of warmth.
         Before I became a mother I always had a book or something to read when I would soak.  But now, I enjoy the quiet in my mind that comes with time alone.  I don’t have to be constantly entertained or stimulated anymore.  Peace and quiet have a new place of reverence in my life.

I hope you find peace today.  I’m going to take a bath.          



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    Oh so jealous!! Now, when aches and pains come and a good HOT soak in a deep, relaxing bath would be so welcome, I am stuck with a shallow, narrow tub from the 70’s – not sure why it’s so small, but hoping in the near future to be able to switch it out – along with the pink tiles on walls and floor! I may just hang your tub on my wall – so relaxing, beautiful, and perhaps my promise for the future!!! :) God bless!

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      Girl, don’t be jealous of me. This is a picture of the tub I’m dreaming of when I’m in my shallow tub surrounded by PURPLE tile. Haha. This picture is a promise of the future for both of us! God bless you, too.

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    Oh my I so wish I could take a nice quite bath again, I used to take a lot of baths before I had my kids. but now trying to find time alone is not easy. And by the time they go to bed I am so tired that if I take a bath than I might fall asleep in the bath tub for the whole night. Enjoy!!

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