And the winner is…..

About two weeks ago, I had something really exciting happen to me. And I totally missed it. I don’t know if it was a moment of mommy brain or if I was too busy trying to start an Etsy shop, but I am so glad I didn’t miss it forever.   I was awarded The Liebster Award May 3rd!

Liebster is translated ‘beloved’ in German and it is such an honor to receive this award from Veronica over at Two plus Seven (if you love a good birth story, she has several.) The Liebster Blog Award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers. If you receive the award, link back to the blogger that nominated you (that’s me) and nominate five more blogs. And don’t forget to let your sweet winners know!

1. Local Sugar. She lives in Hawaii and is a precious spirit. What could be better?

2. Mommy Sassy Pants. Check out her shop, too. She is raising money to help bring adopted children home. She also provides great weekly writing prompts on the Voices: Write to be Heard blog.

3. My Rad Dad. Always funny. I’d call him a daddy blogger, but I don’t know if that what’s what he was going for. (PS he might be too big for this award, but I couldn’t find how many followers he has.) 

4.   A Planting of the Lord. She is such a sweet spirit and always has a word from the Lord.
5. Change is Necessary for Growth. My mug swap partner. She always has fun link ups and fun reviews, recipes and bits of motivation.


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    Oh yay!! Thank you so much for nominating me – this made my day!! :) I’ll make sure to nominate five more and link back to you, xoxo

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    Oh, I am so very touched. To have you along with us for the ride is honor enough, and then you went and recognized the work we’re doing and now I am so beyond words. Thank you.


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    Hey! How sweet! Thanks so much, Abbie! :) I sure do love stopping by your place here. You have such an obvious love for your family. It is a joy to read about. Thanks for the award. :)

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