Are You Living or Existing?

Have you been thinking of starting a business? I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning, but I started learning form those who were a few steps ahead and now my business is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life.

When Ty first came home from the NICU, life was amazing and scary and hard, but it didn’t take long for the rhythms of life to take over and for peace to settle into our routine.

I hung up my flight attendant wings when Ty was born so I could be a full time mommy, but I found myself with a lot of free time and the desire to write began to bubble up again. I really wanted to start a blog, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, I just knew that a blog was an easy way to start writing and creating.

In January 2012, I heard Jessi Connelly speak on blogging at the Chosen Women’s Conference and I started blogging the next day.
Over the next six months or so, I watched my writing voice emerge. I watched my blog following grow. I loved it!
Then I found out I was expecting Emily Grace and the morning sickness made the thought of looking at a computer screen unbearable. My blogging became more and more sporadic.

Once Emily Grace was home safe and sound, I found myself with 2 babies under 2 years old. Again, peace settled over my home and I started working on the only business I thought was available for the Stay at Home Mama: Mommy Blogger.

I love being a mommy and I enjoy being a blogger, but I was missing out on what my friend Kelsey calls my “sweet spot.” Even though I was loving motherhood, teaching others about motherhood is not my passion.

Flying, traveling, encouraging, speaking, these are the things that I am passionate about.

I was slightly off target because I was trying to write about something I love doing (mommying) instead of writing about what I love teaching (flight attendanting.)

Do you see the difference? Have you been looking for you sweet spot but asking your self the wrong questions? Here are the right questions:

What do you love to “talk shop” about?

What do you feel like you are an expert in?

What questions do people come to you for advice concerning?

Not many people came to me for advice on mothering, but I had been asked 100’s of times how to become a flight attendant. And when I was asked about mothering, my answers lacked confidence. I was not an authority on the subject and I din’t come across as an authority.

But ask me about becoming a flight attendant, and I could tell you. With confidence. And excitement!

Have you been feeling the entrepreneurial stirring? Are you loving your main gig, but also loving the idea of running a business that makes a difference and offers you an outlet to do and talk about what you love?

The thing that took Flight Attendant Career Connection from a Facebook group and a book to a real business was working with a business coach.

Kimanzi Constable is my business coach. He helps me with pricing, brainstorming new ideas, deciding on next steps.  He has a wife and 3 children, so he gets that marriages and babies come before business projects.

This week (through November 8) Kimanzi’s best selling book Are You Living or Existing? is on sale for $1.99(kindle version). Please buy this book. It is awesome.

If the price wasn’t enough reason to pick it up today, there’s more! Kimanzi is giving away a 4-week class to help you create a business that you love. Just buy the book before it goes back to full price and forward him the receipt.

Get Kimanzi Constable’s best-selling book for only $1.99 on November 5-8thand you’ll get access to a free 4-week class that walks you through creating a super profitable online business. Check it out:

I love encouraging small business owners and I’m always available to kick around ideas. If you want to chat, send me an email or a Facebook message.

What are you passionate about?

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