Why You Should be a Fame Seeker

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I have boarded thousands of planes in my life. Literally thousands. Because of my flight attendant background,I have this weird reaction when I walk onto a plane and I feel the need to greet everyone with a warm smile and “Hello.” When I was wearing a flight attendant uniform, this made sense, but now that […]

Make Money with Facebook Groups

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Sure the rules are changing, but social media is still the best way to connect with customers. I used a Facebook group to start and grow my business and with almost 10,000 members, I have been able to build relationships with more clients than I ever imagined. Convert those relationships into paying customers, and create […]

Start and Build a Business with Shequip


Over the last year and a half, I have seen dreams come true. I have seen aspiring flight attendants earn their wings. I have seen friends successfully publish amazing books. I have seen the afraid become brave. I have seen babies born, houses bought, and love win some pretty amazing battles. In my own life […]

The Book is Coming Out and I Need Your Help

The Book is Launching (1)

  A little over a year ago, I published my first book and started a Facebook group. The book has done alright, but the group? The group is ballin’ out of control. I have close to 10,000 members in my group Flight Attendant Career Connection. Facebook has featured me on their site and they even […]

Are You Living or Existing?

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Have you been thinking of starting a business? I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning, but I started learning form those who were a few steps ahead and now my business is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. When Ty first came home from the NICU, life was […]

Would Jesus Celebrate Halloween?


Would Jesus Celebrate Halloween? I love fall. My birthday is in Fall. We finally get a little relief from the hot summer. Change and leaves and excitement begin to swirl in the air. As much as I love Autumn, I wish I could hide away under the cover the last two weeks of October because […]

Do You Dream of Going Solo as a Work from Home Mama?

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  If you keep up with me on Facebook, then you know there has been some pretty exciting stuff going on around here. My business, Flight Attendant Career Connection, has gotten a bit of recognition lately and I feel like am I riding a roller coster. It is exciting and fast and I’m holding on […]

Scattered Cheerios and a Squandered Life


You know what I’ve been the most afraid of lately? Squandering I’m afraid I’ll squander the extra money my business brings in.I’m afraid I’ll squander the precious time I have with my littles.I’m afraid I’ll squander my free time,                                  […]

Mama’s Day Out: Charleston Fashion Week 2014


I love Courtney Kerr. She’s a reality star from the Bravo channel whose life I’ve been following for a few years. (By “life” I mean I’ve been watching her on TV and pretending we’re friends.) She is a funny girl, Texas to the core and a full time fashion blogger. Her style is current, relatable and appropriate. (She went off […]