Headed in the Right Direction: 10 Days into My BeachBody Challege


I started my challenge about 10 days ago!!!! Okay, so I know ten days is not a long time and ten days is only the beginning of a journey that will take months, but I am still going to proudly say: “I’ve been sticking to the plan for 10 days!” Have I been perfect? No.Have […]

Emily Grace Turns One Today!


Today is big day around the Unger house. It’s Emily Grace’s very first birthday! This time last year, I was enjoying my last few hours of being pregnant. As the nurse was prepping me for my scheduled c-section, she commented on how laid back Jason and I were about the whole thing.  I felt so […]

Losing Weight, Asking for Help and Other Scary Things


Today I am starting out on a  journey. A weight loss journey.  There I wrote it and publicly published it on the internet. The forever and ever internet. This is a scary thing for me to write and share. It is scary for so many reasons, but the number one reason I am afraid to […]

Tommy Nelson Review and Giveaway: Jesus and Me Bible Storybook


My life has finally calmed down enough to join a ladies Bible study.  Every Thursday morning, I will drop my children off in the nursery, purchase a latte in the church bookstore, and spend two hours speaking to other adults and using complete sentences. Oh, and learning more about the Bible.  That’s the real reason […]

I’m Collecting Gently Used Bras and Having a Party


The 2nd Annual Girl’s Night Bra Drive is coming up!  We’re collecting any and all gently used bras. “Don’t fit no more” bras. “I don’t know what I was thinking” bras. “But, it was a good deal” bras. Or even “I need an excuse to get a new bra” bas. Last year we collected over […]

Top 6 Blog Posts of 2013


It’s that time of year.             Time for reflecting.   Time for remembering.  I really enjoyed re-reading these posts.  So many amazing things happen this year!   Emily Grace was born.  Here’sthe post you’ve been waiting for…     We sold (almost) everything and moved to Edisto Beach. Ditching the American Dream It Happened Again… Selling […]

We Went on a Staycation: Aloft CHS


A few weeks ago we went to Jason’s work Christmas party.  I’ll be the first to say it: I don’t get out much. I get to hang out with adults even less often. And even though Jason could make it through the holiday season without the party, I wait for it all year. Southwest Airlines […]

This Christmas: The Failure and the Hope


This Christmas: I haven’t Elf-ed on the Shelf-ed I haven’t done one Advent activity I have talked to Ty about Santa every day I haven’t mentioned Jesus once I haven’t made the cutest Christmas card ever and mailed it to friends and family near and far But:   I decorated the tree with Ty.  Sure, […]

Family is a Funny Thing


Family is a funny thing.  It grows and morphs and changes. Every family is different.  Every family looks different, sounds different and interacts different. You have one your whole life and then one day, if you’re lucky, you get a whole new one to add to the one you had. A new one that looks […]

Kids on a Plane: I Did It Alone and So Can You


About a week and a half ago, Jason had a meeting in Dallas, Texas and Ty, Emily Grace and I got to tag along. The only catch was, Jason had to work a shift and then fly to Dallas, which had him arriving 10pm.  Way too late for our good little sleepers. But I really, […]