Giver of Dreams, Grantor of Dreams

Living at Edisto is a dream come true for Jason and me.  The funny thing about dreams is, no two are the same.  Your dream could be to live in a far off country or it could be a job or maybe you’re dreaming of a house.  Everyone’s dreams are different. A few days after […]

Leaving Lindberg

We moved into our new place last weekend. We are tired.  We are surrounded by boxes.  I can’t find anything and Ty wore an outfit from the “creative matching” style to church. But we are now officially moved. Moving out of the house on Lindberg Street for the second time in my life, left me […]

This Is Why We Moved To Edisto


Saturday, right in the middle of moving, we took a break at walked down to the beach.   No beach bag. No change of clothes. We had such a great time being together as a family. Collecting shells. Eating sand.   (Only some of us ate sand.  I’ll let you guess who.)   I think I’m […]