Maybe???? Baby?????

Around mid-July, I was brainstorming about my blog.  Ways to reach more readers.  Ways to increase my followers.  Ways to build my audience.  “I bet if I got pregnant, I would always have something to blog about.”  As soon as this thought crossed mind, I realized having a baby to gain more blog followers probably […]

Why I don’t have an Etsy shop


 About two weeks ago I got the idea that I needed an Etsy shop.  A lot of bloggers have little shops on Etsy and I started thinking I should, too.    I spent my free time on the Etsy website and researched what was already being sold. I began collecting ideas and thinking about names.     […]

My Thoughts on the Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover

          I am a breast feeding mother.  I don’t nurse on demand.  I don’t nurse him to sleep.  I am not a pacifier.  I have chosen to feed my baby breast milk.  He uses it to satisfy his hunger and to be nutritionally satisfied.  I do nurse in public on occasion, but when I do […]

You know you’re married when….

     I know technically you can only be married or not married, but there is a time, at the beginning where your single self is slowly melting into your spouse.  Kind of a learning curve as a couple.  There is still some mystery being discovered.  How she looks when she first wakes up.  How much […]

The hole where my heart used to be…


    Before I was a mother, I always loved reading those little gift plaques about motherhood. You know the ones I’m talking about.  You find them at Hallmark or gift shops or craft shows.  They usually look hand painted and say sappy things like “Another word for mother is Love” or “God couldn’t be everywhere, […]