What I Learned in FPU – Week 3

Click on the picture for more info! Week three is all about the budget. I have mixed feelings about this week.  On the one hand, I love the practical side of this lesson. I see the problem and I’m ready for the solution. I’m ready to make changes to make things better.     On the […]

What I Learned in FPU – Week 2

Have I mentioned how much I love Financial Peace University?  Oh, I have.  Well I love the new videos even more than I loved the old ones.  This week Dave Ramsey had his daughter, Rachel Cruze, teach part of the lesson.  She is so dynamic.  I’ve heard a lot of speakers and I’ve been a […]

What I Learned at FPU-Week 1

Thinking about money doesn’t control me.  It doesn’t stress me out or cause me to fight with my husband.  But it’s always there.  I’m always considering it.  Manipulating it so it goes farther.That’s why last week’s budget meeting was so shocking.   Jason and I are taking Financial Peace University again.  We are really excited […]

I’m Giving Away a Prize Pack!


        I am so excited.  Today marks the beginning of June and……my first ever giveaway!  I think giving away a little happy is a fantastic way to start hurricane season.         Here’s how it will work, on June 15thI will choose a winner from my blog followers and send them an […]

Weekly Writing Prompt: Bucket List

It’s time for a weekly writing prompt post with Voices: Write to be Heard. We have been on a quest to become debt free (except for our house) for 50 months.  After being in the trenches for so long, I sometimes forget to look up and watch for the finish line, and in this race […]

Giving up on Coupons

So it’s time for another “Giving up on Good” post with Naptime Diaries and the Tiny Twig.  As the name of my blog points out, I am the envelope keeper in our family.  I’m the one who spends the money.  As a stay at home mommy who doesn’t contribute to the budget financially, I put […]

Blah, Blah, Blah, Good Choices


There is this really great mall in Charlotte.   Jason and I used to “visit” it for date night when we lived up there.  I say visit because it was way too pricey to really shop.  We would walk past Tiffany’s, Kate Spade, Tommy Bahama and we would dream.  I just knew one day I wouldn’t […]

Dreams on the fridge…part two

    I took a blogging workshop over the weekend.  I was inspired to see the last post the teacher, Nikki Harden, founder of Skirt! magazine, had written was about her “mood board.”  She and I have opposite problems.  Her vision board is too full.  Mine is too empty. She can’t decide what has to come […]

Cut me some slack…

      I received tons of encouragement after my last post.  Thank you.  I had so many ladies tell me they knew exactly how I felt.  Part of the reason I wanted to send my insecurities out into cyber space was because I figured I couldn’t be the only mom that had ever felt this way […]

Hitting the Wall

It’s funny how life works.  My last post, The Luckiest Girl in the World, was honestly written from the joy bubbling out of my heart, but lately I’ve been struggling.  I have been really conflicted because I don’t want to log onto my blog and spew my discouragement and dismay, but I want to be […]