Mommy ~ Daughter Trips


My mom and I have gotten to take lots of trips together over the years and these mommy~daughter trips are some of my favorite adventures.  It’s an interesting dynamic when we get together.  She’s not super spontaneous, but she is such a good sport hen she’d traveling with me. About ten years ago we took […]

Five Months Old and Cranial Remodeling


About a month and a half ago, I noticed Emily Grace had a flat spot on the side of her head.  It wasn’t very noticeable, but it was there.  Two weeks later, my mom timidly mentioned the flat spot.  It had become flatter and larger.  It was starting to look like it might be a […]

Emily Grace is Four Months Old


I can’t believe it has already been four whole months.     She is all girl and wants face to face connection all the time.  If she’s fussy, it’s because she wants someone to talk to her.   Emily Grace is growing so fast.  She is one cool baby.   She loves to hang out […]

Our Baby has a Name

Ty’s name came so easily.  Jason wanted to name his son “Ty” since he was in high school.  (I know, kinda weird for a teenage boy to pick out baby names.)  But I felt like Ty wasn’t a “real” name and came up with a compromise:  Thomas O’Neil Unger.  Thomas is after my grandfather and […]