What in the World is She Going to Do With All That Pumpkin?

Ty is teething. He turns five months old today and he is already cutting his first tooth. He’s on his way to becoming a man and leaving me. (Crazy I know, but I really feel this way.) He and I went to Walgreen’s yesterday to get him a teething ring. (We have a ‘baby stuff’ […]

It’s not that great of a bargain….the Library

I love the library.  It’s one of my favorite places to visits.  I have felt this way as long as I can remember.  Just thinking about Library day in elementary school still makes my stomach flutter.  Lining up to make that trip across school, nothing was better.  The first week of summer vacation always included a trip to […]

Financial Freedom

I was thinking today about our financial goals.  My first answer is, of course, financial freedom.  But what does that really look like?  It looks different for every person, for every couple.  How does it look for you? Is it being debt free? Is it 6 months of expenses in the bank? Is it money to pay cash for college?  […]