Have I No Shame?

Please buy my book. Here are some reasons you should buy a copy of my book today:        1)     Everybody loves a stewardess        2)     It’s short        3)     It’s cheap        4)      It’s full of stories about my dreams coming true        5)     You’re curious about the life of flight […]

So I’m Writing a Book


I am overwhelmed at the love y’all gave me after reading my last post. The one about my new adventure in writing.  I mean staring at Facebook and crying, overwhelmed.  My biggest fear was the people who really know me would say, “Who does she think she is?”  Or worse, “What makes her think I […]

The Days I Would Relive {Weekly Writing Prompt}


This post is a link up with Voices: Write to be Heard.  Come Join us for a writing prompt every Wednesday.   What day would you relive?  I have to say this one is hard.  I’ve lived a lot of days that were good.  So many good days, I couldn’t pick just one.  How lucky is […]

An Ode to my Passport


Happy Birthday, USA! I have been {almost} all around the world.  Now, I’m not saying I’ve been everywhere in the world, but I have traveled a good bit.  I feel so lucky to have all the experiences and memories from these foreign lands.  Travel is gift!      I got my first passport when I was […]

Giving up on Reading Books for Smarty Pants

 Time for another ‘giving up on good” link up with Naptime Diaries and The Tiny Twig.  Sharing something “good” we are giving up so we can do something “better.”  And the hard part: giving up the guilt, too.  I love to read.  I always have.  When I was growing up my parents would send me […]