Did You Hear About the Dog That Saved the Baby From the Abuser?

Jason and I don’t have a lot of “in real life” friends.  I don’t mean this in a whiny way, I just mean we don’t go to dinner with other couples or have people over to our house just to hang out.  We have a lot of strong, healthy relationships, but most of our connections […]

What I Learned in FPU – Week 3

Click on the picture for more info! Week three is all about the budget. I have mixed feelings about this week.  On the one hand, I love the practical side of this lesson. I see the problem and I’m ready for the solution. I’m ready to make changes to make things better.     On the […]

Dreams on the fridge…part two

    I took a blogging workshop over the weekend.  I was inspired to see the last post the teacher, Nikki Harden, founder of Skirt! magazine, had written was about her “mood board.”  She and I have opposite problems.  Her vision board is too full.  Mine is too empty. She can’t decide what has to come […]

Dreams on the fridge


Jason has been asking for a vision board for a few weeks.  One side of our fridge faces into the kitchen, and I got the idea to cover it with chalkboard Contact Paper and make it a vision board.  Chalkboard Contact Paper was harder to find than I would have thought, but I finally ordered […]

Dinner Dates….


 Last Thursday we went out to dinner at Coast. (We had a gift card!)  Ty stayed with my parents (thank you again) and we had a few hours to just be ourselves. I got to be the Abbie I like spending time with.  Not the responsible, overwhelmed, to-do list focused Abbie, but the carefree, […]

In like a lion out like a lamb

In like a lion, out like a lamb. I remember the picture for March on the calendar bulletin board when I was in the 3rdgrade.  A roaring lion and leaves that swirled angrily across the construction paper backing until they settled peacefully around a fluffy white lamb.  I found it to be very dramatic.  March […]

Cut me some slack…

      I received tons of encouragement after my last post.  Thank you.  I had so many ladies tell me they knew exactly how I felt.  Part of the reason I wanted to send my insecurities out into cyber space was because I figured I couldn’t be the only mom that had ever felt this way […]

The Luckiest Girl in the World….

                Wednesday was the kind of day I imagined when I pictured the life of a stay at home mom.  The February day was warm and sunny.  I spent it with a happy, laughing baby boy.  I  fed him squash baby food I had made in my kitchen from a three dollar organic squash.  (Still […]

Warning: this post contains donated underwear

We quote Dave Ramsey a lot around our house.  Jason’s favorite has got to be “Live like no one else, and later you can give like no one else.”  We are looking forward to the day we can give away more than we keep instead of making payments with more than we keep.  But for now we are […]