Leaving Lindberg

We moved into our new place last weekend. We are tired.  We are surrounded by boxes.  I can’t find anything and Ty wore an outfit from the “creative matching” style to church. But we are now officially moved. Moving out of the house on Lindberg Street for the second time in my life, left me […]

Selling My Things…Selling My Memories?


As part of our plan to ditch the American dream, we rented a furnished condo at Edisto and decided to sell everything we owned.   Selling everything sounds so liberating, doesn’t it?  It sounds like such a footloose and fancy free decision.  I figured we would have a huge yard sale and just haul everything out […]

It Happened Again…


                                  The Unger’s have decided to move.                                 Again.  Don’t worry, we aren’t leaving completely, just  moving to Edisto Beach.  In case you don’t know, Edisto Beach is a little community about an hour outside of Charleston, SC. […]

I Like to Move…

I like to move.   Thankfully, I married a man who isn’t afraid of a moving truck. Moving is exciting, full of possibility.   On the surface, these are good things.  But what if instead of wanting to move towards something new, I’m actually trying to move away from something old.   I want to […]