Ty Turns Two: The Party


 Last Sunday, Ty turned two years old.   I can’t believe how big he’s getting.  The other day, I overheard Jason tell Ty, “If I had known how much fun kids would be, I would have had you sooner.”  And he is so much fun.  Ty is funny and friendly.  He loves to sing and dance.   […]

Pictures of Ty! Oh, and a Book Review with GIVEAWAY


Ty loves to check the mail.  His face just lights up. Every time Jason asks, “Ty, do you want to check the mail with Daddy?”  He drops whatever he’s doing and runs to the door.  It’s kind of their thing.  They make the trip across the street to the mailbox and once they return, Ty […]

The Days I Would Relive {Weekly Writing Prompt}


This post is a link up with Voices: Write to be Heard.  Come Join us for a writing prompt every Wednesday.   What day would you relive?  I have to say this one is hard.  I’ve lived a lot of days that were good.  So many good days, I couldn’t pick just one.  How lucky is […]

Weekly Writing Prompt~Describe a Room


This post is part of a link up with Voices: Write to be Heard.      Please come join us.  This week we were asked to describe a  room in our house.             We live in a house HGTV would describe as “cozy.”  (Read: tiny.)  But we are happy here and we like living in […]

Beach Baby, Beach Baby, There on the Sand


Today was a day made of everything that makes summer great.  But this time, while doing the things we love to do on summer days, our joy was multiplied because this year we get to share everything with our son.  I can’t even tell you how cool it is to see the sand and the […]

Why I don’t have an Etsy shop


 About two weeks ago I got the idea that I needed an Etsy shop.  A lot of bloggers have little shops on Etsy and I started thinking I should, too.    I spent my free time on the Etsy website and researched what was already being sold. I began collecting ideas and thinking about names.     […]

My Thoughts on the Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover

          I am a breast feeding mother.  I don’t nurse on demand.  I don’t nurse him to sleep.  I am not a pacifier.  I have chosen to feed my baby breast milk.  He uses it to satisfy his hunger and to be nutritionally satisfied.  I do nurse in public on occasion, but when I do […]