The Winner of the Valentine’s Giveaway is….

Yesterday was Tommy Nelson giveaway day!  And the winner is…Sarah Marie!!!! Sarah is one of my new followers, but she has been a “real-life” friend for years.  I am so excited for her family to receive a library of books.  Sarah has two little girls and a baby boy, so I know these books will […]

Things I’m Loving Two Days Before Valentine’s


1)    My Pedicure My last one before baby number two makes her arrival.  I know it’s kinda silly to feel like a pedicure is so important but I haven’t been feeling very girly/pretty/special lately and shiny red toes make such a difference. 2)   Being pregnant To be honest, I added this to my list in […]

Love, Commitment and Responsibility

I know people fall in and out of love.  Commitment holds together a marriage.  Commitment keeps families together.  Some days, Daddies come home and Mommies don’t leave only because of the promise they made.  Love can be so flighty and fickle.  Love can hide and  love can die. Jason and I decided to get married […]

I Get to Share the Love…A Thomas Nelson Valentine’s Day Giveaway


They’re doing it again!   Tommy Mommies is letting me give away another library of children’s books and it’s a Valentine’s library!   Valentine’s Day tends to get “lost” in our house.  Our anniversary is January 26 and Jason’s birthday is in March, so Valentine’s day is stuck in the middle and always sneaks up on me.  […]

A Moving Story

 Jason and I have lived in our current house 19 months.  This is the longest we’ve lived anywhere together.  This is the longest either of us has lived anywhere. Ever since I left home at 18 and he moved away to college when he was 20 we have been drifters.  When I think about the […]

Big Boy Ty


Baby Ty is becoming big boy Ty fast.  Too fast.  Every time I complain about not having a baby to swaddle or nurse throughout the day (we still nurse first thing in the morning), Jason is quick to remind me I won’t be sad for long. “Come March, you’ll be nursing all day again.” It’s […]

Panera, Shortbread and a Happy Life

My writing critique group meets Monday evenings at Panera Bread.  With its coffee house feel and big food menu it is perfect for little meetings.  In fact every week our little group is surrounded by Bible study groups and coffee dates.  A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by […]

Ok…Here’s the Number


232 bras!!!!!!!! Ladies night was an amazing success!  Thank you for donating bras.  Thank you for coming out to Midtown and making the event so much fun.  Thank you for the donations.  Thank you for praying. I loved meeting so many new women and sharing in the excitement surrounding Free the Girls.  I’m excited to […]

Hello. It’s Monday. I’m Busy.


Busy and productive is the season of life I’m living in at this moment.  As a stay at home mom, honestly I’m surprised.  After I decided to quit flying and stay home, I thought I would only contribute clean floors and a fed baby to this world.  Only for a season, of course and those […]

Are You a Writer? – weekly writing prompt linkup

When I was in the tenth grade my creative writing teacher, Mrs. Darnell, asked me if she could read my writing to the class.  This was the moment I knew I wanted to be a writer.  I had pulled words and phrases out of my mind and strung them together in such a way that […]