It’s Kinda Like a Panty Raid (Mrs. Pate’s Blogger Bra Drive)


Whew.  What a busy couple of days.  I haven’t blogged in forever (well since Saturday, but that’s how much I missed ya’ll.) I have been busy and I have some pretty neat news.  Remember when I told you about the amazing idea Tiffany over at Mrs.Pate Writes had to link up bloggers from around the […]

Getting to Know You…Getting to Know Me


I’m so glad you stopped by today.  What a great surprise.  I’m a stay at home mom, so any chance to chat with a grown up is a chance I jump at.  I’m married to Jason, the hardest working man I know.  I like projects: crafts, decorating, using coupons, baking things from a box.  I’m […]

More Donated Underwear


I need ya’ll’s help, ladies.         Tiffany, who blogs over at Mrs. Pate Writes, is asking bloggers to partner with her and “hold” a bra drive to “support” Free the Girls.  I am going to do everything I can to help “uplift” her mission.         Free the Girls in a nonprofit organization that […]

Ladies and Gentlemen We have a Winner!!!!


Aloha.    The winner is Kelekia from Simply Heavenly Food.  She takes the most beautiful pictures of her home state, Hawaii and matches these photos with scripture.   You should defiantly check out her blog.  Especially on days you need an extra dose of paradise.        Ty had such a great time drawing a […]

Summer Memory: Weekly Writing Prompt:


Anytime a season changes, I feel it in my memory.  A warm day will bring up thoughts of beach days spent at Edisto.  A cool day always takes me right back to the first day of school.  As summer rolls into Charleston this year and I begin to remember, I can’t help but think of […]

Taking a swim with Ty


This weekend we are going on our first real road trip with Ty.  All the way to Tampa.  We left Charleston around Ty’s bedtime and headed south.  We stopped just outside of Jacksonville.  The next morning we couldn’t resist taking a quick dip with Ty.     His first swim in a pool. He was kicking his […]

Time and Freedom While it is Still Dark

I remember the first time I put Ty down and I didn’t have to go right to bed, too.  When the baby first came home, my own sleep became a cycle of naps every three hours.  A few weeks in, he started sleeping longer and longer, and then one evening it happened.  I put Ty […]

Praying as a Mother


A sweet friend of mine attended a baptism Sunday.  Her seven year old was ready to make a public declaration of his salvation.  I can’t even imagine how it will feel when my little Ty gives his heart to Jesus.  I can’t imagine because I haven’t thought about it.  This little victory in my friend’s […]

Dr. Seuss Writing Prompt

Today I’m participating in a writing prompt activity from the “Voices:Write to be Heard” blog.  Every week they will have a different “prompt” to get you thinking and writing.  Post your link in the comment section of the Voices blog once you have written your mini masterpiece.  It’s cool to see how the same subject […]