The Most Exciting Part of Last Week


This is so fun.  I participated in a Suzels Says Coffee Cup swap.  Basically you send Susan your info and she will “swap” your information with another blogger.  Within a week you send a special mug to your new friend.  Fun way to meet someone new.  Suzels’ swap is over but you can participate at […]


Little brown eyes gazing up at me full of trust.   A warm little body relaxing as he latches on and the urgency of his hunger fades.  Peace.  Middle of the night together.  Stolen moments that belong only to me.       Breast feeding was a goal.  I knew it would be good for Ty.  What I […]

A List of Little Peaces

I find myself searching and searching for things in my life that bring me peace.  I am thankful for too many things to name.  I get excited. I feel accomplished. I find joy.  My life has very little true turmoil, but I don’t think anyone has ever described me as peaceful (or calm. or quiet.)  […]

A Peaceful Soak


Warm fragrant water swirling around my ears.  Slipping into a place where weight is literally lifted in the buoyancy.               Jets are nice, but I find they can be a little tedious.  I like the quiet.  Listening to the waves in my own little paradise.  Hearing the water move and lap against the side. […]

A Week of Peace

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.  Psalms 14:30 NIV          I heard this scripture this morning and it dazzled in my spirit.  Do ya’ll know how close comparison and envy are?  Oooo I better be careful. Last week was kind of heavy.  I was working on a set […]

More Thoughts on Comparing…

   I have loved becoming more and more involved in the blogging community.  So many other ladies being mommies, wives, writers, gigglers, encouragers.  When I have a few “me” minutes I wander around this world and find myself excited and smiling.  Then I return home and I feel the air begin to leak out of […]

There’s Enough Room in the Pool for Everyone

 Thursday night was so good. I spent time with a group of local women writers.  Creativity and talent was everywhere. I was out of the house, surrounded by other writers who were ready to connect and grow.  But I wasn’t being careful.  I started to compare.  All day Friday I was in a funk. My […]

Things I’m Loving now….Lionel Richie

     I’ve been listening to Lionel Richie’s new album every chance I get for the last week.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a collection of his greatest hits re-recorded as duets.  And he sings with country artists.  So cool. The album is called Tuskegee and is his first number 1 album since 1986.  I […]