Dinner Dates….

Last Thursday we went out to dinner at Coast. (We had a gift card!)  Ty stayed with my parents (thank you again) and we had a few hours to just be ourselves. I got to be the Abbie I like spending time with.  Not the responsible, overwhelmed, to-do list focused Abbie, but the carefree, fun one who says, “Don’t worry about it, it’ll get done.”

Date Night!

Dinner dates are my favorite. You get to sit across from each other and the only thing to do is talk. No TVs. No Computers. You still have to be careful about cell phones but for the most part it’s just me and Jason. We always end up talking about places. Places we want to visit; places we want to live. We are nomads. I know most people are not and I feel lucky we found each other. We moved seven times in the first three and a half years of marriage. We have been in our current house for about 13 months now (a record for us) and we are starting to feel restless again. But for now this is best place for us to be, so nothing is in the works. But we still love to talk about a change of scenery…..
 Being surrounded by clean floors I don’t have to mop. Eating off of nice dishes I don’t have to wash. Candlelight. Music. Flowers. It’s a perfect background for stirring up hope. Hope for the future. Hope that even though my world has gotten considerably smaller for a season, there is still a big world waiting for me.


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