Do You Dream of Going Solo as a Work from Home Mama?



If you keep up with me on Facebook, then you know there has been some pretty exciting stuff going on around here. My business, Flight Attendant Career Connection, has gotten a bit of recognition lately and I feel like am I riding a roller coster. It is exciting and fast and I’m holding on for dear life.

A few weeks ago, I was feature in Facebook Stories and the article was received so well, Facebook sent a camera crew to my house to film an interview. I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

Running a small business as a stay at home mom is hard, wonderful work. There are tears of pain and tears of joy. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Flight attendant Career Connection has changed or family’s financial situation and affords me the contact with the outside world and other grown ups that is essential for my emotional health.

I didn’t quit my job because I wanted to start a small business or because I didn’t like my job. The only reason I hung up my flight attendant wings was because I became a mommy. My small business started accidentally, but it has not continued to grow and thrive on accident. I have become more strategic about my business choices and I’m working on my mommy hustle every chance I get.

I’ve been think about what I did to end up here, with an exciting small business that allows me to stay home with Ty and EmilyGrace. About eight months ago, I made two important choices that took Flight Attendant Career Connection from a hobby that makes money to a full blown business.

First I hired a business coach, Kimanzi Constable. And secondly, I started looking for ladies who had a business and a life that looked like the business and life I dreamed of. I consumed every video, podcast, blog post and book these ladies had. I became a student of the way these business owners interacted with their tribe and presented themselves.

When I first started blogging, I looked at the popular mommy bloggers and watched how they did it. But instead of learning from them, I began to copy them. I started and Etsy shop, wearing mismatched vintage clothes and dressing my children like hippies. I didn’t find much success, which is a really good thing. Who wants to become successful while they are not being authentic? I would have never been able to keep up that facade. I don’t like wearing handwoven skirts, so why would I want to find success while wearing a handwoven skirt? 

Copying the ones who are finding success is a bad idea. Finding people who are living a life you dream of living and learning from them is very different than copying.

One of the small business women I have been watching lately is Kelsey Humphreys. I had a chance to meet her last June at a conference we were both speaking at. She is the real deal who is passionate about helping people start the small business they dream of. She is a work from home mom with a one year old little girl. 

In her new book, Go Solo: How to Quit the Job You Hate and Start a Small Business You Love!: You can break free from your day job, start your side hustle from home, and achieve success as a solopreneur, she will help you discover what kind of life you want, then she will walk you through how to make that a reality. Her book is already a Amazon best seller and has been endorsed by Barbara Corcoran and Jon AcuffI endorse it, too!

If you have a little something whispering in your ear business ideas, even if you already have a full time job (like being a mommy) you need to read this book. Kelsey will help you realize the type of business you are dreaming of.

Go Solo is on sale this week for only $.99. Go ahead and buy it while it’s at this amazing price. And just because I don’t want you to forget, I’m hoping this song will get stuck in your head and drive you crazy until you pick up Kelsey’s book.

I’m on a roll

It’s time to Go Solo!

Rollin’ in my 5.0

With my rag-top down

so my hair can blow

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