Dr. Seuss Writing Prompt

Today I’m participating in a writing prompt activity from the “Voices:Write to be Heard” blog.  Every week they will have a different “prompt” to get you thinking and writing.  Post your link in the comment section of the Voices blog once you have written your mini masterpiece.  It’s cool to see how the same subject can inspire us all differently.  This week we had three Dr. Seuss quotes to choose from.  So here’s the one I picked.   

“Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened.”

Did you know mommyhood is the best thing I have ever done?  I love it more and more every day.  I am so lucky.  I get to spend my days with Ty.  I know everything about him.  He knows me.  We have a happy life.
All that being said, every time I see an airplane flying across a clear blue sky, I am filled with a bittersweet wistfulness.  And don’t even ask me how it feels to watch a plane take off. More often than not, I find myself fighting back tears.  You see, before I had Ty, I was a flight attendant.  And I loved it.  I miss putting on my uniform and walking through the airport with my luggage rolling behind me.  I miss spending every night in a different city.  The right choice for us was for me to put aside my career and stay home. The right choice is not always the easy choice.  I have to remind myself it is a gift to have the memories.  I’ve seen the world.  (Well, not all of it, but a lot of it!)  I’ve had dreams come true.  I’m smiling because it happened.      


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