Dreams on the fridge…part two

    I took a blogging workshop over the weekend.  I was inspired to see the last post the teacher, Nikki Harden, founder of Skirt! magazine, had written was about her “mood board.”  She and I have opposite problems.  Her vision board is too full.  Mine is too empty. She can’t decide what has to come down and I can’t decide what gets to go up (dreams on the fridge.)   I’m working on it.  But you know what else she does?  She keeps scrapbooks of the things she retires from her board.  I love the thought of graduating dreams from the board to a book. 

      I’ve started adding some things that inspire both me and Jason.  Pictures of rooms I like (home offices!), places we want to visit (Bora Bora!), things we want to accomplish (debt free scream in Finical Peace Plaza!).  For four years, we have been focusing on our dream to become debt free and the light at the end of the tunnel is burning brighter every day.  Sometimes dreaming can feel more like a list of things I’m not getting to do, but I’m working on finding the hope in everyday.  I’m realizing more and more you have to choose to hope.      

Be happy with the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
 Ps 37:4    


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    Hi Abbie,

    Good to connect with you at Center for Women! And so great about your Financial Peace success. Dave Ramsey is a name that floats around our house a lot, too. His methods have helped us tremendously. The name of your blog is very fitting. Bravo.

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    What a weird, small world. I popped over after I saw you commented on my post at naptime diaries. And I know Nikki Hardin. I used to be the editor of skirt! in Raleigh, NC.

    I love how your thoughts here reflect what I was talking about! Dreaming CAN feel like a list of things you haven’t been able to do, but when we see it the way God intended us to, it’s a list of possibilities! Hope all yours come true. xx

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      Wow it is a small world. I really enjoyed listening to Nikki speak about writing and art. I know Jessi because my mom and her mom are best friends! I love it when you can find the things God is showing your heart in other’s hearts, too.

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