Dreams on the fridge

Jason has been asking for a vision board for a few weeks.  One side of our fridge faces into the kitchen, and I got the idea to cover it with chalkboard Contact Paper and make it a vision board.  Chalkboard Contact Paper was harder to find than I would have thought, but I finally ordered some from e-bay (Amazon had it, too.)  There isn’t much on the vision board, yet.  Well, only the word Dream and some magnets, because now I’m intimidated.  I want to make sure whatever makes the cut is worthy of the dream board. I asked Jason what he wanted to put on the vision board (it was his idea, remember?) He said, “I want all the leaves gone from the yard”, so I wrote “leaves gone.”  But I think that’s a dumb dream so I erased the words once he left the kitchen and he still hasn’t noticed they are gone. 

Am I making too much out of this?  Probably.  I need to just dive right in and dream.  I think I’m going to go old school and tear pictures out of magazines and put them up.  Kind of like an analog Pintrest.   I have to be careful when I’m wishing for things.  There is a fine line between hope and discouragement when it comes to these kinds of things.  I want to make sure my board fills me up with “what if” and doesn’t weigh me down with “probably won’t.”  It’s funny how much promise a blank space can have.  I’m curious to see how a full space feels.       

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