Emily Grace Turns One Today!

Today is big day around the Unger house.

It’s Emily Grace’s very first birthday!

This time last year, I was enjoying my last few hours of being pregnant.
As the nurse was prepping me for my scheduled c-section, she commented on how laid back Jason and I were about the whole thing.  I felt so much peace that day.
Beautiful, warm, comforting peace.
I’ll never forget the look on Ty’s face when we brought Emily Grace home from the hospital. He looked at us and looked down at the car seat and looked back at us as if to say, “What is she doing HERE? I was okay when we were just visiting her at the hospital, but now she’s here? Not in my house!”
Now they are buddies, rolling around on the floor and watching Sesame Street together.
 Ty will tell you Emily Grace is his best friend.
A today she is a funny little girl running around and laughing at 
everything. She has a joy that bubbles up and giggles out of her.
She still has the head full of beautiful brown hair she was born with.
Today is Jason’s birthday, too. 
They are such a pair, the two of them. 
Daddy’s little girl for sure.

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