Financial Peace

I’m surprised it took me so long to think of financial peace when I was attempting to find all the peaceful things in my life.  But I think the fact that money isn’t always on my mind is a testimony to the amount of peace we live in.  I hear money fights is the number one cause of divorce in America.  Talk about an area that needs peace.  Financial peace could mean the difference between life and death in a marriage. Thankfully we went through Financial Peace University at the very beginning of our marriage.  We were able to get on the same page before we became tangled up in relationship problems concerning money.     

We have a common language when it comes to money.  We have the same goals and we talk about them a lot.  We are running towards the same finish line.  We trust each other.  We work on the budget together, but Jason pays all the bills and I spend all the money (that’s why I’m the Envelope Keeper!)  I think I’ve got the better job. 

We have made mistakes and taken some steps back, but we are moving forward.  We are getting closer to our goals.  Both with money and in life.  We don’t have a huge income, but Jason and I know we have been successful with managing money for a reason bigger than us.  As a couple, we want to share the hope we have concerning money.  We want to show people how they can find peace when it comes to money.  Sometimes peace isn’t something you feel, but a worry you don’t.   

PS You can read my story of financial freedom here.          

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