Giving up on good…..Respecting Other’s Time

Time for another ‘giving up on good” link up with Naptime Diaries and The Tiny Twig.  Sharing something “good” we are giving up so we can do something “better.”  And the hard part: giving up the guilt, too.
  About a year ago we moved back to Charleston.  I have met so many fun girls in the last year, but I wouldn’t say I have any real girlfriend relationships.  THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!  I don’t know why.  No, that’s not true, I do know why.  I haven’t reached out and pursued these relationships.  I’m afraid.  Afraid of rejection.  Afraid they won’t like me.  Afraid they will discover who I am.  Afraid I won’t be enough… or too much. 
          I get out of going to lunch or shopping or play dates by telling myself I don’t want to impose.  I don’t want to presume, even after being told, “Call me.  We’ll go to lunch.”  What if she was only being polite?  What if I catch her at a bad time?  What if…..anything?
          Today opened my eyes to what I am missing with all this scared hiding.  I have a new friend, she offered to work with me to “makeover” my blog design.  I love her style and I really wanted her to do it.  But….she has two babies and just moved and writes her own blog and I’m sure a million other things.  But she didn’t give up.  Without bothering me one little bit, my new friend kept after me.  I’m so glad she did.  Look how cute my new blog looks!
          I got a lot more than a blog makeover.  This experience has given me a little shot of courage to go for it and really create some relationships.  All kinds of relationships.  I’m giving up on respecting everyone’s time.  Do you want to go to lunch?   

P.S. Mrs. Pate Writes created this beautiful blog.  Go visit her.  She’s hosting a giveaway


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    Gosh, you just described me perfectly. I am often feeling left out and then I realize how often I avoid situations. I often say I don’t want to impose and I always assume others are just being nice. Thanks for reminding me to reach out to others. :)

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    I’m so glad that we got to meet is real life tonight! I would love to do a play date, or lunch, maybe both? Bonnie is a good pal of mine, maybe we can all get together and play :) Well, the babes play and we’ll chat and break up baby fights.

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    This is something that I struggle with too. I’m trying to work on it. As for you- I’ve only ready 3 of your posts and I already want to be your friend.

    xo- Sarah

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    I so know what you’re talking about! I just went through this myself… right before we move out of state I’m realizing I have a lot more precious relationships here than I knew, or dared to let myself hope. So crazy. All the times I felt like I needed help and didn’t reach out because I didn’t want to be a bother, or worse.. rejected! Meh. Ah well, it’ll be a good lesson for next time. :)

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