Giving Up on Marathons

Time for another ‘giving up on good” link up with Naptime Diaries and The Tiny Twig.  Sharing something “good” we are giving up so we can do something “better.”  And the hard part: giving up the guilt, too.

Before I had a baby, I would say, “I’m going for a run” and hit the road with my hair in a high swinging pony tail and my perky breasts nestled in a sports bra under my Nike sports top.  My long, tan legs would settle into a pace that was familiar and I would feel that “runners high” settle over me.

Ok, that whole paragraph you just read… was a lie.  Lie sounds harsh, so I’ll to call it a dream.  I have always looked at runners with an envious eye.  It just sounds so cool to “go for a run”.

I am not a runner.  I’m not saying I couldn’t become a runner (like if a lion was chasing me.  Or a bear.  Or a ninja.)  But I’m not built to run.  My legs are short and I don’t think I have never “nestled” myself into a top.  Corralled, strapped down or locked and loaded, yes.  But not nestled.

Now I’m not saying I don’t think exercise is important.  Almost every day during one of Ty’s naps, I put on an old “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD and walk three miles while I watch TV.  I don’t work out hard.  I don’t push myself physically.  I’m okay with that.  In fact, I’m happy to let myself off the hook. 

Maybe one day I’ll become a runner, maybe I won’t.  But for now I’m not going to worry about it.    
Walking Away the Pounds!


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    LOL. I don’t have to worry about “locking” anything down. Not really anything to corral either. Sigh. ;) And I STILL don’t run. I tried it once. I am a walker for sure.

    Jason’s dad and brother are both runners. As in marathon runners. When J is asked if he runs, his reply is, “to the table.” ;)

  2. says

    Haha yes. I just did a 10 mile walkathon for a church fundraiser this past weekend and could barely move the next day. I don’t invest a lot of my time in fitness because that’s just not me. Grace to the un-athletic :)

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    I saw your tag at Tiny twig and had to read this. I do run, but I am not fast. My goal is to run long enough to be old enough to actually PLACE in my age category. Which I figure should happen when I am about 60 or 65, and there are only another runner or two in my bracket.=)

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