Good Bye, July

I love the first day of the month.  (I know today is the second.  I’m running a little behind I guess.)  I love the fresh feeling of a new beginning.  July was a big month around here.  Ty is growing and changing every day.  As soon as I think I’ve got him figured out, he changes.  Jason had 5 total days off between the 1st and the 26th.  The bra drive was dreamed up, planned and executed in about two weeks.  I also had a small health scare (an infected lymph node that could have been more, but turned out to be nothing.)  I won a writing contest, but I also received some rejections. 
I hate that I let the bad speak louder than the good.  A criticism comes along and I completely lose sight of the fact I am successfully mothering an eleven month old and nurturing a happy marriage.  I am doing a good job with what really matters.  The rest shouldn’t matter, right?
 I’m so easily discouraged.  I’m so easily tempted to throw in towel.  But the obstacles I had to deal with offered me an opportunity to look at what I want to participate in and what I want to avoid.  My first instinct was to keep to myself.  Just write my blog and raise my family, but I know that’s not a healthy way to live.  To not even try because someone might make a snarky comment is a high school way to live and is a little lacking in the maturity department. 
I’m realizing I can’t say “Yes” to things because I think I’ll earn the favor of others.  I have to do things because I want to do them.  If it makes some else smile, all the better.  But if it doesn’t…… doesn’t.           
 July was busy and full.  Probably too full.  But now it’s August and I love a fresh start.         


  1. mrsbonnbonn says

    be proud of your accomplishments girl! too easy to look at the negative I know, but you are doing great:)

  2. says

    Praying you know when to say ‘no’ to good things so you leave room a ‘yes’ for the best things. I’d give you the secret, but I haven’t figured it out and working on it myself.

  3. Karen Dawkins says

    Learning how to balance parenting, marriage and self takes time. My first son heads to college later this month. We had seasons of chaos, heartbreak, disappointment, sadness and frustration. We also had seasons of joy, peace, calm, fun, togetherness and happiness! Thankfully, the good always outweighs the bad! Enjoy the journey through life’s ups and downs. :)

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