Hi, I’m Abbie

  I love the author bio at the end of a book.  I usually read it first.  I love finding out if she is from the city where her story takes place, or did he go to law school before deciding to write dramatic legal fiction.  Today I was drawn to the “about me” tab on my blog.  As I re-read it I realized it really wasn’t about ME at all.  It’s accurate and sort-of describes the vision I had for my blog when I started it a few months ago, but it is a little sterile and little dry.   With its numbers and facts and photo of an envelope it’s kind of like a waiting room.  It has the same furniture as a living room, but you can tell no one really livesthere.  When I started, I figured I needed a vision or a plan but what I was really looking for was a gimmick.  I was trying to answer the question, “Why would anyone have the time, desire or need to read my blog?”  So I made my “about me” not about ME and made it about things I do.  It didn’t take long before keeping up these appearances totally stressed me out.   I quickly began to run out of things to write about.   
  Tonight my Bible study group is finishing up the study of Lisa Bevere’s Lioness Arising.  We are bringing treats to share.  I have Rotel and cream cheese.  I’m going to make them into a dip. Sometimes my made-up recipe ideas work, sometimes they don’t, so just to be safe, I turned to Google.  My “Cream cheese and Rotel dip” search introduced me to site that kind changed my day. MomandWife.comis a friendly, pink place to look around.  And Lindsey (she owns the place) is creative and welcoming and she’s just who she is.  After I read her bio, I knew something about her.  She loves God, her husband, her daughter and her country.  She loves pink and typography (who knew that was something you could love?) It was nice to meet her.  I’m sure I’ll visit with her again.
  Hi, I’m Abbie.  I’m a wife and new mommy.  I enjoy breastfeeding and making baby food more than I ever could have expected.  I stay at home with our baby and love waking up to his little grins every day.  I love to travel and I’m sad my feet are on the ground so much these days.  I’m always looking for ways to stretch our little budget.  We are faithful tithers (is that a word?) and believe God is the root of our financial success.   I like projects: crafts, DIY, decorating, using coupons, baking things from a box.  I’m terrible about doing housework.  We eat too much frozen pizza (I can’t help it; pizza always puts a smile on Jason’s face).  I’m really enjoying the colors purple and gray right now.  That’s me.  I’m pleased to meet you and I hope we can hang out again.

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