Why You Should be a Fame Seeker

I have boarded thousands of planes in my life. Literally thousands. Because of my flight attendant background,I have this weird reaction when I walk onto a plane and I feel the need to greet everyone with a warm smile and “Hello.” When I was wearing a flight attendant uniform, this made sense, but now that I am just a passenger, this is a little strange.

Last week I boarded a plane to Oklahoma City to spend a few days with my friend Kelsey (Amazon bestselling author of Goabbie and fan on plane Solo) and speak at IgniteOKC. I walked onto the plane, smiling and nodding and greeting the sitting passengers as I made my way to my seat in the exit row. Per the norm, an actual working flight attendant was standing nearby and we greeted each other with the same over enthusiastic flight attendant “Hello” before I took my seat and stowed my bag.

Once boarding was finished, the flight attendant walked towards me checking bags and seatbelts. She stopped in front of me and asked, “Did you post on Facebook that you would be on this flight?” I was surprised for a moment until I realized what she meant. She was asking me if I had posted in my Facebook group. She saw me walk on the plane and she recognized me as Abbie Unger from Flight Attendant Career Connection.

And that was the first time I have ever been recognized.

Whether or not fame is one of your business goals, in the online, internet world that we live in, odds are you will develop a level of fame as you become more and more successful.

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In honor of my resent recognization, I wanted to share a bit of the book. Fame gets a bad rap in our culture, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Fame is a funny thing. For some, it is the goal. For others, it is simply a byproduct of achieving success in one’s chosen profession. For others, fame is a bad thing. For them, the thought of becoming exposed is uncomfortable. What do you think of fame? Have you always dreamed of becoming famous or has it never crossed your mind? The thought of being known by strangers can be either terrifying or exhilarating, but if you want to build something that matters, you need to prepare yourself for the fact that you will develop some level of fame. It may be kept within your industry or your notoriety could reach the national stage. How far your fame takes you is largely up to you, but you cannot stay anonymous and become a thought leader and a game changer. People need to see you, trust you, and feel as if they know you if you are going to ask them to support you, buy from you and advocate for you.

Being well known around the Facebook group will help you build those relationships and convert customers more easily. As your group of followers begins to grow and as your words begin to affect and influence people in a way that enables the creation of positive change, you will experience some level of fame. Every single one of you will experience fame in one form or another. I want you to be ready for it. Does the thought of fame disgust or excite you? Really think about it. I want you to become prepared to receive your adoring fans and passionate brand ambassadors. It is important you don’t let them down or try to hide from them.

Fame is not limited to singers and athletes, just look at the Kardashians. They have created notoriety and more importantly, influence by staying in the spotlight. The fame the Kardashian brand created has opened doors that would have been out of reach if not for their ability to harness fame and turn it into influence. As much as we love to hate them, the Kardashian family is full of savvy business women who have leveraged fame into a clothing line, licensing deals and endorsements resulting in millions of dollars.

Because of the Kardashians, Snookie and other outrageous characters who have become famous for the sake of becoming famous, we sometimes think of fame as a negative side effect of success. We shy away from the spotlight because we don’t want to be labeled a media hound or accused of seeking out the limelight. We stand to the side and humbly suggest that our work should stand alone. We shrug off the recognition. If this sounds like you, Stop it! Fame is not bad, negative, or something that should be avoided. Someone is going to end up famous. Why not you?

Fame is a powerful tool. Dictionary.com defines fame as “widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown.”  What is so bad about that? Being renown, especially because of your favorable character should be something you are chasing. Not fame for fames sake, but fame for reputations sake. Fame is amoral. Sure, some people have abused fame, but without people, fame is not inherently good or evil.

Think of a car. A car is amoral. On its own it is not good or bad. A car could be used to transport the sick to a hospital. Cars allow us to connect with friends and family that live far away. Cars get us to work, church, and school. But a car is not good. A car can be loaded with explosives and used to kill. But a car is not bad. The car is not moral, the car is amoral. Humans are the ones who decide if a car is going to be used to help or to destroy. What you do with fame is up to you, but fame is not going to do anything to you that it doesn’t have permission to do. Fame is not something to be feared or avoided, but appreciated and embraced. Leverage your fame to open doors you never imagined.

Have I convinced you to do a little fame chasing? Yes? No? Maybe? Whether you have come to terms with the thought of fame or not, fame is coming for you. You may not end up chased by the paparazzi or with you face splashed across the cover of People magazine, that type of fame is largely up to you to encourage or avoid. Your fame may be smaller. A lot smaller. Do not define fame by how recognizable your name is to the general public, your fame will be measured by how many people in your target audience know you. Are you a thought leader in your industry? Are you on the cutting edge of change? Are you a leader, paving the way? Are your words connecting with readers? Are you generous with your time and resources? These are the things that create fame.

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