I’m Collecting Gently Used Bras and Having a Party

We’re collecting any and all gently used bras.
“Don’t fit no more” bras.
“I don’t know what I was thinking” bras.
“But, it was a good deal” bras.
Or even
“I need an excuse to get a new bra” bas.
Last year we collected over 200 bras to aid women overseas.  This year we are helping a little closer to home.
About two years ago, I caught wind of the good thing Soma Intimates was doing with donated bras. (read about it here)  Twice a year, Soma collects bras and donates them to the National Network to End DomesticViolence. NNEVD will get those bras to shelters where they are gifted to women.
I can’t imagine living without a bra.  I don’t answer the door without a bra. I don’t run out to the car without a bra. If I was ever in a position where I was in public without a bra, I can’t even imagine how humiliated I would feel.  How ugly and I offensive my body would look in our society.
But there are women who can imagine.
My neighbors.
Your neighbors.
Maybe they don’t have the money.
“A 36-year-old woman stated she wasn’t given enough money for food in the home and it had been four years since she bought a bra. She cried when presented with four beautiful bras of her choice. She told us she felt like a woman.”
Maybe they were taken from her.
“A victim’s husband had burned all of her underclothing as a means of humiliating
her during the abuse. She was so thankful to receive a bra.”
Maybe she escaped with nothing but her life.
“I came to the shelter with almost nothing. I had to leave so fast it was a choice between my belongings and my life.  Receiving a bra and the comfort that came with wearing it was an amazing feeling. Just knowing that someone who didn’t even know me cared about me. That someone actually thought to help. That made a huge difference in my choices and my future.”
Here’s how you can help:
 If you live in the Lowcountry, please come to our Girl’s Night Bra Driveat Mynt on Calhoun St. downtown.  The event is February 11 from 5:30 until about 7:30pm.  Bring your girlfriends and all the bras you can come up with to donate.  We will be collecting bras at the door, giving away door prizes and enjoying food and drink specials.  The first 50 ladies with a donation will receive a gift bag.
If you aren’t local, you can still participate.  Collect bras and drop them off at your local Soma before February 17.  If you don’t have a local Soma, you can mail me your bras and I’ll add them to our bounty.  Just email me at abbie.unger@gmail.com for more information about that.

I am still looking for donations.  Donate a door prize, and item or coupon for the gift bags or money to help us get this thing done.  All sponsors will receive social media love as well as an acknowledgement during the event. Email me at abbie.unger@gmail.comto help.
*quotes from Soma.com*
*organized with Holy City Events*

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