Make Money with Facebook Groups

Starting in January 2015 (1)
Sure the rules are changing, but social media is still the best way to connect with customers.
I used a Facebook group to start and grow my business and with almost 10,000 members, I have been able to build relationships with more clients than I ever imagined. Convert those relationships into paying customers, and create the kind of fame that lead me to be interviewed by the Huffington Post, Yahoo Travel,, and other local and international media outlets. Facebook itself even sent a camera crew to my house so they could document my success.
I have taught authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives how to leverage their own Facebook group and now I want to teach you!

In my new book, Make Money with Facebook Groups, I will teach you how you can use a Facebook group to connect and convert with your customers in a new, fresh way. This book covers everything you need to know to build relationships, convert customers, and create fame.  You will learn why Facebook groups work, how to set up and name your Facebook group, what to do when your group is spammed, how to sell to your members, and how to deal with negative trolls. I will also teach you how to use your group to create several revenue streams. Before you know it, you will have your own successful Facebook group.

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Just can’t wait? Here’s an excerpt from Make Money with Facebook Groups:

The platform I chose was Facebook. I like Facebook for several reasons. One of the best things about choosing to build your tribe on Facebook is the barrier to entry is extremely low. A Facebook account is free. A business page on Facebook is free. Creating a group on Facebook is free. And all of these are easily managed not only from a computer, but right from your phone. Whenever I have a few spare minutes, I scroll through my Facebook notifications, accept new members into my group, and “like” a couple of posts. I usually even have time to comment on several questions. This is mostly done with one hand because at this time in my life my other hand is almost always holding a baby. I am in constant contact with my entire tribe without having to sit down at the computer and answer emails or write an entire blog post. As easy as it is for me to access my tribe, it is just as easy for my members to access me. They are never left searching for an email address to contact me. Facebook makes it so easy to message me or tag me in a post.

Another benefit of Facebook is it is so user friendly. You can create a profile, a page, or a group quickly and easily. There is no certification or validation needed to establish yourself as a business or brand. Answer a few questions, upload a few photos and you are open for business.

Thirdly, pretty much everyone is on Facebook. Everyone from your grandma to your middle-schooler has a Facebook account and most people enjoy spending a little time on Facebook every day. Facebook has done an amazing job of creating an app that is extremely easy to use. I have already talked about how invaluable having Facebook on my phone is to my business. With over a million people using Facebook from their mobile phones, you have access to your customer’s eyes almost constantly.

Another reason I love Facebook for tribe building is the option to make Facebook posts that are text only, graphic only, or a combination of both. Based on research, pictures and graphics together tend to have a further reach on Facebook, but text only posts can do quite well if the content is valuable, interesting, or funny. With no character limit, I can pop in for a quick update, or I can offer valuable content that is several paragraphs long.

I have found tremendous success using Facebook to collect and connect with my followers. It hasn’t always been easy. I have dealt with ups and downs and even a hater or two, but in the end, I am connecting with people I am passionate about serving and I am making more money than I ever imagined. You can find the same success I have by learning from my triumphs and setbacks. Hold on tight, because I’m about to show you everything you need to begin making money with Facebook groups.



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