My Bouncing Baby Boy

Don’t worry, the car is parked!

He’s almost eight months old now and growing and changing every day.  It’s amazing how it can feel like I just got him and I’ve always had him.  I ask him every day to stay a baby forever, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to work out that way for me.   

Last week I left the living room for a quick minute and when I came back, Ty had pulled up on his exersaucer.  I was completely stunned to see him standing there grinning.  He was so proud of himself. 

                 Constant movement is the new normal around here.  I know Jason wishes for the good old days when Ty would sit in his lap and watch football.  (Don’t worry, Jason.  I’m sure days of football watching together will return.)  Ty is constantly on the lookout for something he can grab and chew on.   Anything on the floor, anybody’s toes, the cat’s tail.  It’s so funny to see him scanning the room just looking for something to get into.  He is growing so fast, I wanted to make sure ya’ll all got to spend some time with him before he gets too big. 

Have a happy day,



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    He makes my day! What a blessing from the Lord to be able to see him grow everyday. Hope I will be able to keep up. You see what happens when your precious little baby grows up… I love you.

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