Naming Our Beach House…

Did you know most beach houses have names?  At least most of the beach houses around here are named.
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Our family beach house bears the name Pause a While.  It’s a play on words explained by the huge, orange Tiger paw painted between the words.  My Granddaddy went to Clemson and although there may be a few Gamecocks in the family now, the beach house continues to bleed orange.
Now that we are living in our own beach house (condo), I figured it needed a name, so I did a little market research.  On Facebook.  I got a lot of fun suggestions but two really stood out. Terri Stuckey suggested… Unger the Boardwalk. I laugh out loud every time. I feel like this could be the name of Snookie’s new shore house.  
My other favorite was submitted by Ben Jordan. Yep, that Ben. From Did You Hear About the Dog who Saved the Baby (click here to read their amazing story.)  Back to the name….Graceful Tydes. In case you didn’t catch it, Ben took both of my baby’s names, Emily Grace and Ty, and combined them into a perfect beach house name. 
 But what do we do if we have another baby? 
So let me know what you think we should name our beach house?

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