Pictures of Ty! Oh, and a Book Review with GIVEAWAY

Ty loves to check the mail.  His face just lights up. Every time Jason asks, “Ty, do you want to check the mail with Daddy?”  He drops whatever he’s doing and runs to the door.  It’s kind of their thing.  They make the trip across the street to the mailbox and once they return, Ty can’t wait to show me the mail he was allowed to carry.  It’s usually a credit card application, so he’s even more excited to rip it apart and put it in the garbage all by himself.
But last week he brought me a white padded envelope from Tommy Nelson.  We opened it together and he couldn’t believe what was inside:  a new book!
I Love You No Matter What: A Price Chirpio Story by J. Rutland is such a sweet re-telling of the parable of the Prodigal Son. This story, originally told by Jesus, is  a perfect picture of grace. A grace I need to be reminded of often. It’s even sweeter when the story is about a little bird. Ty (18 months) loved looking at the pictures. He’s yet to sit still long enough for me to read him the book in its entirety but the thought of God’s forever love getting deep in his spirit so early is really special.
The Giveaway
Tommy Nelson is letting me giveaway a copy of this wonderful little book.  This giveaway will close tomorrow (March 2) at midnight.  Please enter through the Rafflecopter tool below.  If you just can’t wait, I Love You No Matter What can be purchased from the Tommy Nelson website.

Thanks for entering.  Good Luck!


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