So I’m Writing a Book

I am overwhelmed at the love y’all gave me after reading my last post. The one about my new adventure in writing.  I mean staring at Facebook and crying, overwhelmed.  My biggest fear was the people who really know me would say, “Who does she think she is?”  Or worse, “What makes her think I would care about what she has to say?”
But y’all didn’t say that at all.  Y’all got excited with me and said, “Go for it.”  I even printed out the Facebook comments so I can read those words when the going gets tough (and I get my first rejection letter.)  Writing a book has been a dream ever since I was a little girl and I’m excited to see the path to that dream rolling out in front of me.
Another thing y’all wanted to know was, 
“What’s the book about?”
Well, I’m putting my flight attendant experience to good use.  I’m working on a fun travel guide for parent.  It will focus on air travel and have tips and tricks to help from purchasing tickets to claiming your luggage at the baggage carrousel. I plan on including age specific packing lists for every member of the family.  It’s got lots of flight attendant stories, too, to make it entertaining.  I want it to help Mamas feel empowered to successfully travel with their children.  If everyone is miserable during the flight, part of your journey will be stolen. There is no better classroom than the world and our American children need to get out there and learn. 
I can use all the help I can get.
Surprisingly, the first step to getting a non-fiction book published is not writing the book. The first step is writing a book proposal.  That’s what I’m doing now.  The working title is Help Me Mama: An Air Travel Guide to Children.  
If you have a story (good or bad), a tip or a question about flying with children, Please, Please, Please share it with me!  



  1. Cherece Lindsay says

    Fantastic! Sounds like your book will be chock full of practical, applicable advice! Many parents will want to hug you!

  2. Beth @ Whiskey Tango Hello says

    This sounds like a great idea!! I was once a travel agent in a different lifetime – I would have gladly handed it to parents (haha!). Keep us informed!

  3. Mel Caldicott says

    Yay – me too! :-) I think this would be a godsend to many parents. Hope you get all the help you need.

    I linked here from Fellowship Fridays and thought you might want to link this post at the linkup I host called Essential Fridays.

    I’m sure my readers would love to see this!


  4. Lindsey Whitney says

    Great idea for a book and GREAT idea about printing out the facebook comments. I too, am thinking of “being a real writer” and I admit, it’s a little nerve wracking. Can’t wait to hear more updates. Visiting from Christian Mommy Blogger.

  5. Stephanie says

    This would be awesome for those of us with little ones! I had a nightmare of experience on my first flight with my 4 month old child. I thought I was prepared but oh my word! Delay after delay…running out of diapers…losing my bottles…breastfeeding with a very fussy fidgety baby right there in the waiting area (covered! most of the time! sometimes little hands threw off my cover! EEEK!)…the whole experience was not pleasant! I wish I had a book like this before I flew!

  6. Rachel Rowell says

    ahhhhh! That’s SO awesome! How the heck did i miss this announcement? Prayers and best wishes for you in this endeavor. Just enjoy and embrace the process and don’t let fear speak into your life for one single second. The first book with no doubt be a huge learning curve. Much love!

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