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Over the last year and a half, I have seen dreams come true.

I have seen aspiring flight attendants earn their wings.

I have seen friends successfully publish amazing books.

I have seen the afraid become brave.

I have seen babies born, houses bought, and love win some pretty amazing battles.

In my own life I have seen dreams come true. I published a book, and book number two is just around the corner. My husband has been brave in ways that inspire me. I was interviewed for the Huffington Post and on international TV.

But my biggest accomplishment is running a successful small business, that makes the lives of others better, while I stay home as a full time Mama. To be honest, this is a dream that I didn’t think would be possible. I don’t make millions, but for me this balance feel amazingly successful.

This could be you!

Do you have an idea and a URL but are stuck right there on the edge of the cliff?  I totally get it! Launching is scary and it can be even scarier when you go it alone. You know what you need? A little hand holding and a little shove.


Y’all remember Kelsey? (The Amazon bestselling author of Go Solo.) Separately, she and I have been helping women go for it and start that business they have been dreaming of. But now we will be pushing women off the cliff together. (Figuratively.)

Announcing shequip! An organization that helps women start and build a small business they love. We want to see women go for it and create the life they want to live. We want women to define success for themselves and then go for it.

Does this sound like something you want to get behind? Please join the email listYou will receive a our Start It Up Checklist as a thank you.


We love live events. There is just something about real, face-to-face, learning, connecting,and encouraging. Shequip will be holding a live winter workshop in Oklamahoma City at the beautiful Waterford hotel. You can find all the details at Tickets go on sale on Small Business Saturday!

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Solopreneurs! You have URL and an idea, and not much else. You have an etsy shop with products and want to grow. You just started consulting or freelancing full-time – or hope to soon. You have a home business, blog, or hobby and want to make more money for your family. This is for YOU!

This will be a day of inspiration, education, relaxation, networking, and FUN! We want this to feel like a Daycation – a day OFF from everything else in your life in order to invest in your dream. In addition to the session schedule and lunch, we’ll have fun surprises throughout the day.

So what do you think? Are you ready to get shequipped?

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