Take Twenty

Sometimes by the time the baby is fed and dinner is cooked, eaten and put away there is just enough time to sit in living room and stare at the TV with computers on our laps.  I’m lucky to be married to a pretty good communicator.  If something needs to be talked out, it gets talked out.  But sometimes in this busy life, when things are going well and there are no bumps in the road, no fires to put out, no problems to solve, it is so easy to live life around each other and stop living with each other.  
Jason is working a lot over the weekend and then he will be out of town next week.  By the time I realized what that really meant (not a lot of time to spend together) it was twenty minutes before Ty’s bedtime.  But I asked Jason to go for a walk anyway.  We strapped our PJ wearing baby in the stroller and walked around the block.  We talked about nothing for twenty minutes and reminded ourselves we weren’t just two people walking down the same road, but a team working toward a goal.  Sometimes twenty minutes is all you have.  And sometimes twenty minutes is all you need.
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