The Influence Conference…My First Thoughts

I’m back….from Influence.  From Indianapolis.  Back to reality.  But the great thing is my reality is different.  
I knew I oughtto go to Influence Conference.  I wanted to support my friend Jessi.  I wanted to sleep in a hotel.  I wanted to learn the art of blogging as a business.  I bought my ticket, made plans and found out I was pregnant with baby number two.  I was too sick to write and too preoccupied with my quickly changing family to be excited.  I began to doubt whether or not I should travel, spend money, and invest in something (myself) that may not grant me the return I was hoping for. I was not excited. 
But Jason said, “Go.”
My mom said, “Go.”
Then I walked into the lobby of the Sheraton and everything changed.  The building was buzzing with excitement.  Ladies everywhere chatting and giggling and just being generally excited.  It was contagious.  Overwhelmingly contagious. 
I soon realized what an honor it was to be included in the beginning of a move of God.  It’s been a while since I’ve been around a group of people who want everything they do to minister the Gospel.  I had forgotten, but this weekend I was reminded.
My soul began to remember the dreams of the past.  The dreams that had been shattered or stolen or betrayed.  They are so fragile.  I couldn’t protect them before.  But they are surprisingly resilient.  I guess it helps to know someone in the business of bringing the dead to life.

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