The Most Exciting Part of Last Week

This is so fun.  I participated in a Suzels Says Coffee Cup swap.  Basically you send Susan your info and she will “swap” your information with another blogger.  Within a week you send a special mug to your new friend.  Fun way to meet someone new.  Suzels’ swap is over but you can participate at Bonn Bonn Boutique. 

As soon as I read about this fun game, I knew I had to participate.  I was linked up with Kristin at Change is Necessaryfor Growth.  She sent me the prettiest coffee mug.  It is so pretty, I feel bad calling it a “mug.”  It is a work of art!  She is so thoughtful, she even included two Godiva chocolate bars.   (Mmmmm,  I just remembered I still have some in the fridge.  Time for a snack.)

Please participate in a coffee cup swap. You will be blesses when you mail your gift off and when you receive your cup.  A blessing coming and going.  Can’t beat that. 


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