The Start Experiment: I’m Writing a Book

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m at a crossroad. I’ve taken some time to really think about what I want to pursue next.  I feel like my plate is full, but I know I wouldn’t have these ideas stirring around inside my spirit if I wasn’t able to do more.
During this time of soul-searching and God-searching, some amazing tools have fallen into my lap at just the right time.  
Start is Jon Acuff’s newest best seller.  It’s like a great big pep-talk, encouraging you to fight fear and just start.  Im learning it’s OK to be ready at the starting line and have no idea what the finish line will look like.
Jon is hosting a 24 day, go for your dream, punch fear in the face experiment.
I’m in the experiment!
To join, I had to decide on one dream I wanted to pursue for 24 days.  I thought about doing so many things.  Some easy.  Some hard.  Some scary.  I almost picked train to run a 5k. (Ok, I know that would take me longer than 24 days.)  But then I realized I don’t really care if I ever reach that goal.  I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but I’ve never actually been a runner.  Falling short when it comes to running wouldn’t be a life changing failure.
So…I’m going to write a book.  (OK, I know it will take me longer than 24 days.) My challenge is to finish my book proposal during the Start Experiment.  I’ve been starting it for months and it’s time to finish.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer and that little flicker of hope that says, “You could really do it if you try,” has helped this far away aspiration become a dream that could soon become tangible.  Falling short when it comes to writing could be a life changing failure.  But the opposite is true, as well.
If this works…
If I can make this happen…..   


  1. says

    Hi Megan,
    I’m writing a fun guide for parents flying with children. I was a flight attendant before I had my children and I love flying. Thanks for stopping by and saying “hello.” So glad to meet you.

  2. Rob Beaudreault says

    Way to put it out there & make it happen! I look forward to reading your book one day soon.

  3. Joe Morris says

    Way to go on getting started! Best wishes with the book! Follow me at:

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