There’s Enough Room in the Pool for Everyone

 Thursday night was so good. I spent time with a group of local women writers.  Creativity and talent was everywhere. I was out of the house, surrounded by other writers who were ready to connect and grow.  But I wasn’t being careful.  I started to compare.  All day Friday I was in a funk. My motivation was gone. I felt like I had a million things that needed to get done, and no motivation to even get started, much less finish a task.   It’s not the length of my to-do list that gets me down; it’s the feeling of worthlessness that goes along with it.  I know I’m not worthless, but I start to feel like anything I attempt to do is not good enough.  And it doesn’t make me think “this isn’t good enough, I should try harder” but “I’m not good enough, I shouldn’t try at all.”

 I’ve been enthusiastically blogging for a few weeks but suddenly I was too intimidated to even begin a post.  I spend some of the evening really thinking and praying about this feeling.  I realized I was comparing myself to all the people I had just met.  This is never a good idea.   Sometimes I feel like I’m more (this makes me ugly on the inside) and sometimes I feel like I’m less (this makes me give up.)  It really is a no win.

 I whined to Jason about my feelings of inferiority so he could give me a pep talk.  And while his support is always appreciated, this time it took a little pep talk giving inside myself to feel better. I don’t struggle with this very often. Thankfully.  I know I’m too much for some people, but I am who I am.

There’s a lid for every pot.
There’s enough room in the pool for everyone.     



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    Oh, I have known the intimidating feelings too– thanks for candidly sharing your bout with them.

    I’m following you from Follow Me Wednesday, and am so very glad I found this little gem. I’d love it if you’d come join the ride at It’s a come as you are kinda blog and we’d love to have you along for the ride.


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