Things I’m Loving now….Lionel Richie

     I’ve been listening to Lionel Richie’s new album every chance I get for the last week.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a collection of his greatest hits re-recorded as duets.  And he sings with country artists.  So cool. The album is called Tuskegee and is his first number 1 album since 1986.  I didn’t know Lionel was a Southern boy, but he’s from Tuskegee, Alabama.  I think my favorites so far are Jason Aldean (“Say You, Say Me”) and Darius Rucker (“Stuck on You”.)  Jason (Unger, not Aldean) loves anything Jimmy Buffett (“All Night Long”.)  I’m not really a music person.  You know what I mean, I like music, but I’ve never sat still with my eyes closed and “felt” the music.  I would much rather talk, but these songs just make you feel good.  In fact, right after Jason bought the album from iTunes, we listened to the whole thing. I’m sure I still talked some, and we were both on the internet, but still it was kind of romantic…

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