Think About Freedom- weekly writing prompt

The Fourth of July, like most holidays, doesn’t hold the meaning in my life that it should. This week I tried to think about what it really means to live in America.  Well, I knew I should stop, give thanks and really think about what it means to live in America.  Today I’m finally getting around to reflecting on what should have in the forefront all week.  But better late than never. 
 I just want to say, I love America.  As I’ve said in other posts, I’ve been to a lot of different countries and I still feel like I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here.  I’m thankful for my heritage.  I’m thankful for our freedom. I’m thankful I can blog about anything without fear of arrest.  I’m thankful I live in a country where, as a woman, I can be anything.  God has blessed America. I pray He continues to “shed His grace on thee.”
The freedom I live in is even sweeter when compared to the slavery around the world.  The slavery today.  It seems so big, doesn’t it?  Like it will never be abolished.  I think about the people who have been enslaved throughout history, the Jews, Africa Americans, and I think of the freedom many of them live in today (look at our president!)  Remembering these things gives me hope.  This hope calls me to action.    
There are so many ways to help.  A21 is working to abolish slavery in the Twenty-First century.  You already know, but I’m doing a bra drive to benefit Free the Girls.  I want you to feel hope not discouragement, because we can’t quit.  We can’t give up!  Please help.      
     For more information on The Envelope Keeper’s Bra Drive click here.
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