This Is Why We Moved To Edisto

Saturday, right in the middle of moving, we took a break at walked down to the beach.


No beach bag.

No change of clothes.

We had such a great time being together as a family. Collecting shells. Eating sand. 
 (Only some of us ate sand.  I’ll let you guess who.)

I think I’m trying to focus on that wonderful 45 minutes because I’m still surrounded by boxes. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we sold everything to move to the beach. But “everything” is relative when you have children. We still needed to move cribs, a changing table, the exersaucer and everyone’s clothes. (Their clothes may be little, but they still take up so much space.)

But we are living our dream. 
We are living our life. 
We are living at the beach. 

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