We Went on a Staycation: Aloft CHS

A few weeks ago we went to Jason’s work Christmas party.  I’ll be the first to say it: I don’t get out much. I get to hang out with adults even less often. And even though Jason could make it through the holiday season without the party, I wait for it all year.

Southwest Airlines has a reputation in the industry of having fun.  Lots of fun. The Christmas party does not disappoint.  It’s loud and crazy.  They give away door prizes all night and the DJ keeps everyone dancing.

 This year the party was at a The Republic in downtown Charleston.  The thing about living just outside of town is late night events pose a babysitting dilemma.  We live too far out for my mom to come and stay with the kids and then drive home, and for us to get them up at 2 am and drive out to Edisto isn’t a good plan either.

We decided to turn the whole thing into a Staycation.  I did a little research online, found a good rate and booked a night at Aloft Hotel.  Jason had to work late, so I dropped the kids off at my mom’s and went to the hotel. Alone. 

In my former life as a flight attendant, I spent more time alone in a hotel than I did at home and that is the number one thing I miss.  Being in a hotel is nothing like being at home. The room is clean. The bed is made.  The toilet paper roll is on the dispenser.

Once Jason got off work, I picked him up and we headed downtown to the party.  I had first looked for a hotel in downtown Charleston, but they were too expensive.  The Aloft hotel was in North Charleston near the airport, but it only took us few minutes to get downtown.  I’m so glad we saved the money. 

I had so much fun.  Once again Southwest didn’t disappoint and Mama got to let her hair down.  It was so good to spend some time in a social setting with Jason. When we go out on date night, it’s usually just the two of us.  Laughing and talking with a big group of friends was a different kind of date night. 

I didn’t know it when I booked the room, but the Aloft Hotel has an amazing indoor pool.  The next morning my mom brought Ty and Emily Grace up to the hotel and we went swimming.  This was hands down the best part of taking a staycation. We got to have the night alone, but our kids still got to have a special time. 

Before this little adventure I always thought Staycations were a waste of money.  Why would you want to spend money for a hotel room in the same city you live?  Well I’ll tell you why; because it’s an amazingly easy way to get away from it all without going anywhere.  
~Pictures curtsey of Aloft Charleston Airport~

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