Weekly Writing Prompt: Bucket List

It’s time for a weekly writing prompt post with Voices: Write to be Heard.

We have been on a quest to become debt free (except for our house) for 50 months.  After being in the trenches for so long, I sometimes forget to look up and watch for the finish line, and in this race it is all about the finish line! 

This week’s writing prompt reminded me to look ahead and really think about my “bucket list.”  More specifically, “What’s top of your bucket list?”  It made me realized two things about my bucket list.  First, I don’t have an actual list, and I need one! Second, this list in my head doesn’t really have a top.  It is full of big and little things. They are all important and they are all exciting.

Last month I made a “vision board.”  I filled it up with word and thoughts, but I think there is something about lists.  I am completely inspired and I can’t wait to take a little time to really write a bucket list. 

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