Weekly Writing Prompt- Father’s Day

          I’m one of the lucky ones.  I have a father who has always been in my life.  Always loved my mother.  Always provided for our family.  Always.  I know this isn’t the way a lot of families look today.  I wish more did. 

          There is this funny thing that happens as a girl grows up.  She is bent in a direction based on the relationship she has with her father.  This relationship does not define her, but it guides her as she walks through life.  If the direction she was pointed in as a little girl is different than the direction she wants to walk, she can always “reset” her course.  But life is easier when you can just walk in the direction you are facing.     
          This year I will give my husband his very first Father’s Day gift.  He is acting like this day isn’t a big deal, but I know he will feel special when Sunday comes and he is included in the worldwide celebration of his fatherhood.   I am one of the lucky ones.  I have a husband who always loves me.  Always provides for his family.  Always.  The direction I was pointed in was the direction I chose to go.  Thank you, Daddy.    

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    This is beyond sweet! So excited that this will be my family next year, celebrating our first mothers and fathers day. You have an adorable family!

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