Weekly Writing Prompt~A Beautiful Smile

 This post is part of a link up with Voices: Write to be Heard.  Please come join us.  This week we were asked to finish this sentence
“The most beautiful smile I ever saw……”
         Of course my first thought when I read this writing prompt is the toothless (well, he has two teeth) little grin I get to spend every day watching.  But my second thought is of a picture of me.  About a month ago we had an amazing little getaway to Florida to participate in my sister-in-law’s wedding.  The proofs came back a few weeks ago and it was so fun to relive the wedding.  Jason was a groomsman and he looked so handsome in his tux. 
  But there was one picture that really captured my attention.  A picture of me. Smiling at Ty.  He’s reaching for me and I’m reaching for him.  The look on my face is so happy.  A beautiful smile meant just for my baby captured forever.  What a special gift.     
(The picture is not mine to use, but you can click here to see it.)    


  1. says

    Beautiful! :) You look so much like your mom. You are both beautiful. And your love for Ty definitely radiates from your smile. :)

    Blessings to you, sweet Abbie!

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