What I Learned in FPU – Week 2

Have I mentioned how much I love Financial Peace University?  Oh, I have.  Well I love the new videos even more than I loved the old ones.  This week Dave Ramsey had his daughter, Rachel Cruze, teach part of the lesson.  She is so dynamic.  I’ve heard a lot of speakers and I’ve been a speaker so I know how much goes into delivering a message in a clear and captivating way.  Rachel Cruze teaches with so much natural ability, it makes me jealous.  
Although we are taking FPU for the second time, we are different people than we were when we took the class the first time.  Last time we were newlyweds.  This time we are new parents.  Over the past five years, we haven’t done everything right when it comes to money, but we are intentional and headed in the right direction.  I feel so blessed to have this kind of relationship with money at the beginning of Ty and Emily Grace’s lives.  We will be able to teach them about money with authority.
Having a baby changes everything.  Watching lesson two and learning all the fun and exciting and hard ways to teach my children about money was different this time.  How to teach children the best way to handle money is no longer a theory but a reality.  A reality with two little faces and two little futures.  

 Our goal to become debt free isn’t just about us and seeing the world anymore.  It’s about them and giving them the world. 

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