What I Learned in FPU – Week 3

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Week three is all about the budget. I have mixed feelings about this week.  On the one hand, I love the practical side of this lesson. I see the problem and I’m ready for the solution. I’m ready to make changes to make things better.    

On the other hand, doing a budget makes it real. I’m blessed to have a generally sunny disposition. My outlook on money and life is hopeful. During the first two weeks of FPU, I was able to see the future.  I saw us working on baby step 7.  I saw our family growing wealth and being generous. I was excited. I was full of hope. I couldn’t wait!
But I have to wait.  And work.  Doing the budget brought me back to the here and now.  We are a one income family with two children.  We are still working on baby step 2 and paying off stupid debt. We tithe faithfully, but extreme generosity isn’t in the budget for us today. In today’s budget is rent, utilities, gas for the car, and debt repayment. The good news is there is enough.  Just enough, but enough.
For Jason, budget week is the opposite. Jason tends to have a Chicken Little, the sky is falling, general outlook on life.  He never feels like there is going to be enough.  He always thinks he could work more and spend less. But budget week brings relief.  When Jason sees the budget balance, if gives him peace.  There is just enough and that just enough is hope.    

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